The coin of the future – what cryptocurrency to buy in 2030?

After the losses of the past few months, the cryptocurrency market has experienced ups and downs in recent weeks. After the bear market, we may see several more bull markets over the next few years in which cryptocurrency prices will continue to rise. But which cryptocurrency to buy to be and stay on top in 2030?

In this article, we will look at cryptocurrencies that are expected to shape the future and are expected to be worth many times their current value in 2030.

How have cryptocurrency prices changed in recent months?

2020 and 2021 have been great years for most cryptocurrencies. A bull market followed and most cryptocurrencies rose in value. At the end of 2021, a large number of coins reached their all-time high price. But after a few weeks, a bear market began.

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By the end of the year, many prices had already fallen sharply. Bitcoin has lost almost a third of its all-time high of $68,000 and dropped to $48,000. Ethereum was worth $4,800 in November and dropped to $3,800 earlier in the year. These losses continued until early 2022.

Bitcoin price for the last 12 months, source: Coinmarketcap

In March and April, cryptocurrency prices rose again, and then again fell sharply in May and June. In June, we also saw 2022 lows for many coins. Over the past few weeks, there has been a stabilization and slight ups and downs in prices.

When can cryptocurrencies rise again?

A steady rise in cryptocurrencies is unlikely in the coming months. Because the bear market should continue for some time after the events of the last few years. Sideways market movement seems more likely at the beginning of the year.

However, the next bitcoin halving will take place in 2024. The reward for each bitcoin served is halved. In the past, bitcoin halvings have repeatedly led to the start of bull markets in the following months. Bitcoin Halving determines the cycles in the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency bull market

Thus, 2024/2025 and 2028/2029 are the years most likely to experience strong price increases again. By 2030, such a cryptocurrency can gain a foothold at the top of the market, which we don’t have on the screen yet. But which cryptocurrency should you buy that could rise in value significantly by 2030?

What cryptocurrency to buy in 2030?

A lot can happen in the crypto market over the next 8 years. Until then, a cryptocurrency that can be bought cheaply now, but which will cost much more in 8 years, can gain a foothold at the top.

Below we would like to present various coin candidates that could be at the top in 2030 or at least worth several times what they are now:

Bitcoin (BTC)

When it comes to cryptocurrencies that you can buy now and that could be worth many times more than in 2030, bitcoin should of course be at the center of the discussion. The first and most famous cryptocurrency continues to be at the top of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization by a wide margin.


The peculiarity of bitcoin is its structure. Because the bitcoin halving makes it harder and more unprofitable to mine new bitcoins over time. In addition, the maximum number of bitcoins is capped at 21 million. This ensures that bitcoin has a deflationary structure. A sustained price increase through 2030 is probably the most likely scenario for Bitcoin.

Ethereum (ETH)

Another cryptocurrency you can buy ahead of 2030 is Ethereum. The network recently completed the Ethereum merger, which has shifted the consensus mechanism from proof of work to proof of stake. As a result, Ethereum will now operate more efficiently, sustainably, and profitably.


The Ethereum ecosystem is already huge and could continue to grow in the coming years. The potential of Ethereum is huge thanks to its smart contracts. In recent years, the distance to Bitcoin has also been shrinking more and more. In 2030, Ethereum may already become the number 1 cryptocurrency.

Suspension (ADA)

When it comes to a cryptocurrency with great potential that can now be bought cheaply, Cardano is a good choice. The Cardano blockchain is designed according to scientific standards and is therefore always superior and technically perfect.

Cardan move

The potential of this methodology is extremely high, which is why Cardano has often been called the “killer of Ethereum” in the past. In the next phase of development, Basho, the scalability of the blockchain should be greatly increased in the future. After this step, the price of ADA could explode.

Solana (SOL)

Solana’s price rose sharply in the second half of 2021. Because the Solana blockchain has proven to be one of the fastest blockchains on the market. With a history-verifying consensus mechanism, the Solana blockchain can theoretically achieve transaction rates of up to 50,000 transactions per second.


So far, reliability and some security vulnerabilities have been causing network problems in recent months. Nevertheless, Solana managed to stay in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Solana also has a scenario in which the cryptocurrency could be at the top in 2030.

Should we now buy cryptocurrency among them?

Right now, the bear market has a strong hold on cryptocurrencies. A sharp rise in prices is also unlikely in the coming months. However, the investment can be very profitable, as now you can buy cryptocurrencies at very low prices. Regular investments in the next few months can allow you to accumulate a lot of coins.

Over the next 8 years, we should see 2 more bull markets if the cycles keep repeating. In these bull markets, your coins can rise significantly in value. Therefore, the investment is probably worth it, especially in the long run.


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