The COVID ghost that fascinates me

In Montreal, journalist Louis-Philippe Messier mostly travels with his desk in his backpack in search of interesting people and objects. He addresses everyone and is interested in all circles in this urban chronicle.

“I wish you a positive result, Mr. Messier! Last Monday, a nurse at the screening center joked by handing me a small colored paper that said the lab should give me a quick answer.

My son had already been diagnosed with COVID-19 three days earlier. Unless I got sick myself, I was encouraged not to approach him. This sanitary division did not suit me. The desire to take care of a sick child weighed more than the fear that he would infect me.

If, however, I watched my son without contracting the virus, well, protocol requires me to self-isolate fourteen days after his official remission date. Almost a month of imprisonment! When I left, I would not have been considered “immune” (at least not until the vaccine was offered to my age group).

These days a journalist can do almost anything from the comfort of his home, but the limited “all-terrain” observer is an aberration!

Therefore, the nurse, like me, hoped that it would be better if I was infected.

Which finally happened on Monday. I will be able to come out next week … not only in the middle of May! And I was very happy to hug my son without any contraindications.

“Many of you would rather have the disease than wait another two weeks in isolation,” confirms the Health Service, which called me on Thursday to say that my strain of the virus was determined to be a known variant. British … more contagious.


There is a baseball-snow game in the yard.  Bullets cannot be collected on the roof of a nearby garage because they explode on impact.

Photo by Louis Philippe Messier

There is a baseball-snow game in the yard. Bullets cannot be collected on the roof of a nearby garage because they explode on impact.

I say this by touching the tree: I think I won the COVID lottery. Still my ghost. This is the type of COVID I would like you to have if you ever got it. Not a hint of fever. The scent is untouched.

No symptoms, except for increased fatigue from the situation in which I have to work, accompanied by an eager toddler. As for my work, I have one hand tied behind my back, both legs are covered with cement, and a child is resting on my shoulders, but I am faithful to my post.

However, there was someone to regret that I do not suffer from COVID. Two days after my diagnosis, a researcher from the Heart Institute contacted me and suggested that I test the anti-coronavirus drug, dalcetrapib.

To his delight, I immediately expressed my desire to participate in his research. Then he found out that I had no fever, no cough, no headaches, nothing … so no discomfort to relieve.

“I am sure you are a very interesting person,” he said softly, “but your case does not matter if you do not have symptoms that dalcetrapib could reduce …”

Disease without harm

Why not eat a sugar shack if our sense of smell isn't impaired?

Photo by Louis Philippe Messier

Why not eat a sugar shack if our sense of smell isn’t impaired?

Do we get sick when we are not? As a journalist, I feel like I’m missing out on an opportunity to finally understand in the flesh this virus that is shaking the world.

Since I’m not in pain, what better way than reading scientific articles about the people affected by this strange phantom COVID case?

According to a BBC report, Jason Bobe, a geneticist at Icahn School of Medicine in New York, has developed an entire system to identify and identify asymptomatic or oddly free people who have diseases, including COVID-19.

Often, by studying these anomalies, we discover weak spots or blind spots in viruses and can develop a cure.

The most famous case of this kind is the case of Stephen Crohn, who miraculously proved immune to the devastating effects of AIDS … which allowed researchers to understand how to prevent the emergence of this terrible killer retrovirus and save millions of lives.

Dangerous unconsciousness

IN British Medical Journal showed that 80% of boat passengers showed no symptoms during the COVID-19 outbreak. Epidemiologist Nima Machuf, in an interview with TVA last winter, may have spoken about dozens of asymptomatic cases for each case found.

One thing is for sure: if I hadn’t had a coughing son who tested positive so I could get tested myself, I wouldn’t have guessed that I was infected. I would avoid statistics. And who knows? “I could spread this disease, which does not harm me, without even knowing it.

Sustainability Project DR Bode, in English only, collects evidence here:

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