The creator of Dogecoin is jealous of Elon Musk’s success

The dogecoin co-creator made a scathing comment on Elon Musk, calling the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX a “scammer” who failed to run the underlying code.

Jackson Palmer spoke with Australian news site Crikey on topics ranging from Musk to the future of cryptocurrencies.

Palmer is best known as one of the authors of dogecoin, a meme-based cryptocurrency launched in 2013.

Thanks in part to Musk, dogecoin is now one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.

However, Palmer criticized Musk in an interview with Crikey and shared some details about his “interesting past” with the billionaire.

According to Palmer, he first tweeted the billionaire a few years ago after creating a bot that would help detect cryptocurrency scams in a Twitter mention and automatically submit a report to the scam reporting platform.

Palmer said he also worked with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and the Twitter team to send reports to them instantly. He also sent the code to other crypto influencers.

The creator of Dogecoin told Crikey:

“Elon contacted me to get his hands on this script and it quickly became apparent that he wasn’t as good with programming as he claimed to be. He asked, “How can I run this Python script?” — Jackson Palmer

“After I gave him the script, I wasn’t a fan of him. He’s a con man, he’s selling his vision in the hope that one day he can deliver what he promises, but he doesn’t know that,” Palmer added. “He’s just really good at pretending to know. This is very clear with Tesla’s promise of fully autonomous driving. »

“About a year ago, when Musk was talking about crypto, I said that Elon Musk was and always will be a scammer, but the world loves scammers. They love the idea that one day they too can become billionaires, and that’s the dream he’s selling. — Jackson Palmer

Elon, known for being outspoken on social media, had previously reacted to Jackson’s comments about his character. “My kids at 12 code better than the nonsensical script Jackson sent me,” the father of eight tweeted.


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