The creator of the term “Metaverse” Neil Stevenson is very pessimistic about the massive introduction of virtual worlds.

Neil Stevenson, ostensibly the first to coin the term “metaverse”, shared his views on the future adoption of virtual worlds. The science fiction writer and co-founder of Lamina1, a metaverse company, believes that virtual worlds are quite difficult to create experiences that millions of people find useful, hindering the process of technology adoption.

Neil Stevenson on the future of accepting the metaverse

Neil Stephenson, credited as the originator of the general concept and the term “metaverse” recently popularized by Meta, believes that the mass adoption of this technology may still be a long way off. The writer who coined the term in his 1992 novel Snow Crash said that the growth of the metaverse would depend on the quality of the experience offered in the virtual world.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Neil Stevenson said:

There will be no metaverses used by millions of people until they contain experiences that millions of people find worthwhile, and creating such experiences is difficult enough.

The author, who established a clear relationship between the metaverse and gaming technology, explained that “the gaming industry is an economic engine and a technological engine that will obviously be the basis of any future metaverse”, quoting Doom, a game created by John Carmack. from ID Software as one of the games that started the era of the Metaverse.

Blockchain connects virtual worlds

Neil Stephenson also explained that the blockchain and the metaverse have a natural relationship allowing interconnection between different worlds as part of a larger world. The author claims that one of the reasons for creating Lamina1, the company he founded, was to lay the groundwork for creating digital worlds that have “a level of development that pretty much matches what blockchains are capable of.”

The internal design of a metaverse can be done centrally, but moving that data from one metaverse to another, part of a larger metaverse, can be done with blockchain-based tools. He decreed:

I think that in order to create a metaverse, we will have a situation where people will freely move from one environment to another … it all smacks of a decentralized network of financial interactions and transactions, which, in my opinion, resembles a blockchain and other types of decentralized financial structures.

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