The creators of Stable Diffusion “calmed down” their IArtist –

Stability AI, developers of the very popular Stable Diffusion AI image generator, have just announced a major update to their program. In the menu are images that win in resolution and level of detail. The team says it has also worked to limit pornographic sabotage. Version 2 of Stable Diffusion is available on GitHub.

According to the team, version 1 of its AI creator “changed the nature of open source AI models and spawned hundreds of other models and innovations around the world. Stable Diffusion arrived earlier this year, around the same time as its rivals Midjourney and Dall-E 2.

This technology creates images from text directions. For example, the illustration used on the front page of this article was created based on the query “astronaut building a sandcastle.” The queries are passed to a deep learning program designed to recognize patterns in a huge amount of real-world data.

Sample images created with Stable Diffusion 2.0. Stable spread

Attention or censorship?

The creations born from these AIs are rocking the art world and asking questions about what constitutes a work and who should own the copyright. Famous artists fear that these programs might copy their style.

Those concerns escalated this summer after a Colorado resident won a digital art competition with a work created by A.I. Midjourney. After that, the image bank Getty Images decided to ban the creations created by AI.

Stable Diffusion attempts to address some of these issues by limiting the ability to create photorealistic celebrity images and by mimicking the work of specific artists. Algorithms have also been modified to reduce the likelihood of receiving nudity or sexual images. Some users have condemned the form of censorship.

Stability AI said that in addition to releasing its code, it plans to offer access to its software running on its own computers in the coming days. article adapted by CNETFrance

Image: Stable diffusion

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