The crypto derivatives market now accounts for 53.3% of the entire crypto space …

Total spot securities jumped 26.5% in May to $ 4.8 billion, while the derivatives market recorded $ 5.5 billion, up 40.4%, with the CME paving the way for institutionalization. DEX also had a record month with $ 172.8 billion in volume.

Cryptocurrency trading volume dropped dramatically in June, which makes sense given the moderate prices.

Daily trading volume rose from a $ 90 billion high on May 25 to about $ 42 billion today. But that was to be expected, given that May was a particularly turbulent month. While prices dropped significantly last month, sales volumes rose sharply across the board.

After a stable April, volumes in May jumped 26.5% in the spot market and 40.4% in derivatives, according to a CryptoCompare report.

Total spot trading volume exceeded $ 4.8 trillion, with Binance, Huobi Global and OKEx monthly trading volumes leading with $ 1.5 billion (up 63.0%), $ 271 billion (down 6.0%) and $ 242 billion (down 14.6%), respectively.

In response to higher volatility, leverage-loving cryptocurrencies have boosted derivatives to $ 5.5 billion. Here Binance, OKEx and Bybit lead with $ 2.5 billion (48.9% growth), $ 999 billion (50.8% growth) and $ 574 billion (24.9% growth), $ 999 billion ( an increase of 50.8%) and $ 574 billion (an increase of 50.8%) and $ 574 billion (an increase of 24.9%). up to 24.9%)., 0%) in monthly transaction volumes, respectively.

The derivatives market currently accounts for 53.3% of the total cryptocurrency market, up from 50.2% in April.

Source: CryptoCompare Report

In the futures market, the CME regulated exchange remains the largest for bitcoin derivatives, with the exchange accounting for 29.8% of open interest. CME launched Micro Bitcoin Futures in May to attract small traders.

Aside from Bitcoin, CME is also paving the way for the institutionalization of Ethereum as it also becomes the largest ETH futures exchange, whose OI rose 66.2% to $ 489 million due to declines in OI seen on other derivatives platforms, according to the report.

Deribit leads the options market with 581,578 BTC option contracts traded in May 2021, down 0.8% from April, while ETH options jumped 43% from the previous month, registering 4,891 831 ETH options contracts.

In the decentralized space, May broke the record with a total volume of $ 172.8 billion, up 110% from April, according to Dune Analytics.

In the previous months of 2021, the volume of decentralized trade jumped from $ 5 billion to $ 10 billion, but this time the growth was $ 90 billion.

Interestingly, in May, Uniswap alone carried almost the entire April volume of DEX, and the market share of the popular DEX rose to 62.2% from 43.6% at the end of February. SushiSwap has the second largest share, with around 11% in weekly volume, up from 22.7% in February, while other DEXs account for less than 5% of the market.

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