The current state of affairs where and when can I look at it?

Sony is planning a new one Inventory for February 2021 with hot information on the Playstation 5. Here you can find out when it’s taking place, where you can watch it, and exactly what is likely to be shown.

Look at the inventory: where is it possible?

Today’s State of Play will be broadcast on official PlayStation channels. You can decide whether you prefer to watch the show on Twitch or YouTube.

You can also open the presentation directly Look. We have included the video here for you:

When does the inventory start?

The state of play of 25 February 2021 starts in Germany 23 hours. It is therefore very late by German standards. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t necessarily have to watch them live.

You can also watch the video after the live broadcast on the PlayStation YouTube channel or read the summary our live ticker, which will remain online for you on after the broadcast. Please feel free to follow our social media channels in this regard. Instagram, Facebook and Twitterso you don’t miss a thing.

What will be shown during the progress?

What exactly will be shown during today’s inventory is true still wide openbut there are some clues. Sony thinks there are:

“News and information on ten upcoming games on PS4 and PS5 – including new announcements and information on some of the third-party and indie titles.

There is speculation about it and even a leak has surfaced that is supposed to list the supposed program. We summarize the rumors here for you and give your own ranking of what we think about it and what we want for the presentation:

  • PS Plus for March 2021 – probably carved in stone, because the No announcements yesterday and therefore deviated from the usual advertising plan
  • GTA V for PS5, ad – probably
  • Godfall DLC – probably
  • News about Oddworld Soulstorm – imaginable
  • News about Returnal – imaginable, especially since a new gameplay trailer was released recently
  • Ratchet & Clank news: Rift Apart – probably
  • Hades for PS5: Likewise, according to the official announcement of the Nintendo Switch
  • Horizon Forbidden West release date – desirable and likely if released in 2021
  • Konami reveals the secret Silent Hill Projects – desirable but unlikely (more likely in summer)
  • God of War News – quite improbable as it is probably not before 2022 appears

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