The Dark Knight: The End in 2D Animation with Kevin Conroy – EC

A fan recreated the ending of The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan’s second Batman film, in 2D animation with the voice of Kevin Conroy, and the result is amazing.

At the end of The Dark Knight, Batman asks Commissioner Gordon to frame him for Two-Face’s crimes to keep the city from learning the truth about Harvey Dent. After recreating the Batman teaser in 2D animation, the creative TheArt91Lee revisited Christopher Nolan’s second Batman movie.

Indeed, the artist recreated the end of The Dark Knight in 2D animation and added the voice of Kevin Conroy for the voice of Batman. Known for voicing Batman in the iconic ’90s animated series and video games, Conroy recorded a cold reading of Christian Bale’s last dialogue at the end of The Dark Knight in 2017.

Here is the result:

By the same logic, Nick Acosta made a montage in the voice of Kevin Conroy on footage from the animated series “Batman”.

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