The devil in me: Characters, or rather future victims – at the heart of the new clip

Halloween may be over, but Bandai Namco is about to scare the hell out of us with The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, the fourth installment in an anthology of horror games. We were recently able to approach the game during a demo and see that the series as a whole follows the same recipe, with an unsettling threat to avoid and a few characters to save with lots of options and QTEs. This is also the cast of this episode, which was recently revealed in a special trailer.

Shooting that turns into a nightmare

So, meet Lonnit Entertainment, a film crew who will receive an invitation to the mansion of one Grantham Du’Met, the owner but apparently a serial killer in his spare time, who promises them a stay they will remember for a lifetime, at least. if they manage to get out of this giant trap alive.

As usual, each of these characters can live or die during your game, depending on the decisions you make that will affect the end of your adventure.

The Devil in Me releases November 18 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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