The disappearance of salsero Hector Tricoche at the age of 66

July 19, 2022, 10:48 am by Iris Mazzacurati

Puerto Rican salsero Hector Tricochet, former soloist of the Tommy Olivencia Orchestra, died on Sunday, July 17, at the age of 66.

We owe him the salsa hits Lobo Domesticado, Periquito Pin Pin and Doce Rosas.

Noel Trikosh Albertorio, whose real name died in Springfield (in Massachusetts, USA), announced his daughters Sandra, Glenda, Victoria and Patricia on Facebook.

Then the reviews multiplied on social networks:

“Sad news, another great singer of our kind suddenly leaves us. He always treated me like a friend, a wonderful person and a singer. The tamed wolf has left us. Fly away, Trico! Manuel on his Facebook account.

For his part, legendary Puerto Rican salsero Bobby Cruz offered his condolences to the Tricos family, saying Monday began in mourning with the announcement of the singer’s departure. “Hector will always be remembered for Doche Rosas, Lobo Tamedado, Perikito Ping Ping, Don’t Throw the First Stone, I’m Not an Automaton. But his greatest legacy will remain his modesty and being a great man,” he added.

Causes of death of Salsero, nicknamed “Triko” by fans, have not yet been disclosed.


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