The Division Heartland – Ubisoft unveils gameplay and announces it will be playable soon

Will you take your dose of The Division again?

Undoubtedly, The Division is one of the most loved and respected licenses in the universe.Ubisoft. I must say, between its knife-cut atmosphere (especially in the first volume with its New York under a thick layer of snow) and its gameplay sauce, effective TPS coupled with the subsequent most correct content, a number of Trumps sleep in the title’s wallet. Also, speaking of a sequel, it’s worth noting that The Division 2 will meet The Price of Power on September 13, its 10th season. Even better for fans, a 5th year of additional content will be added. already scheduled. So there will be something new for The Division 2 in 2023. Suffice it to say that the license remains in good condition.

And, most likely, it is for this reason that Ubisoft is trying to convey the message a little more with the appearance of Heartland, a new part of the series and, above all, a free game, in order to inspire a large part of the audience. .

Back with its over-qualified agents, Heartland will immerse players in the small Central American town of Silver Creek. Developed by Red Storm Entertainment (who worked on the first two volumes with Massive Entertainment), this standalone opus proposes composing between action and survival.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, it will be about finding the salt of the title with its TPS universe offering to fight enemy factions, renegade agents and, of course, the green poison epidemic. Directly tied into the franchise’s timeline, the game also promises to bring new characters and new plots for new and unique experiences, according to creative director Keith Evans.

Not to mention, even throwing aside the release date for a moment, The Division Heartland announces, however, that it will soon be playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S through closed testing. Tests you can apply for at this address.


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