The driver is under control with over 100g of cannabis in Flers

In Flers (Orne), a driver of a car carrying more than 100 g of cannabis was checked. ©

five months jail, this is the verdict handed down on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. criminal court d’Argentan (Orne) against a 25-year-old man who was carrying 109.95 grams of cannabisin Flers while he was under cover of a relapse.

On November 30, 2022, during a check on the road, the police noted a strong the smell of hemp comes from the car. The driver immediately realizes that he has just bought cannabis, which he hands over to investigators. Weighed, it turned out 109.95 g. Taking into account saliva testhe is positive for cannabis.

“Pay for materials to renovate my house”

During the hearing, he stated that he had just bought this cannabis, the Saint-Michel district in FLERS in the amount of 400 €. He claims it was for personal consumption and admits that smoke a maximum of five or six joints a day, but in a festive atmosphere.

“You also found 50 euros ten times five euros, it’s still amazing, isn’t it? ” asks the President.

“I don’t spend 5 euro notes, I keep them. This allows me to pay for materials to renovate my house.”

However, the President recalls that shortly after this check, he was tried as part of an immediate appearance for acts drugs spreading and sentenced to twelve months in jail arranged for an electronic bracelet.

There are traces in his criminal record multiple convictionssome of which for identical facts.

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He will serve his sentence under an electronic bracelet.

For the prosecutor, taking into account the quantity purchased and taking into account the cuts found on him, these elements go in the direction of travel and therefore asks the court to start the sentencing process. Recalling the recidivism, he demands in reprisals a sentence of eight months in prison, which can be carried out under an electronic bracelet, in addition to the confiscation of the amounts imposed.

On the defense side, his client made every effort to get out of this crimee. Now his living conditions have changed, he is studying for a diploma course and is going to become a father.

He acknowledges the facts and is now on his way to reintegration. She asks the court not to comply with the demands of the prosecutor and not to issue a severe sentence, even if it is fit for appeal.

Jesse B., 25, finally sentenced to five months in prison arranged for an electronic bracelet with care and work responsibilities, or continue your training process.

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