The European Parliament was the victim of a cyber attack after voting on Russia

Cyberwar is raging, and European institutions are no exception. The European Parliament website was down Wednesday afternoon after it was the target of a “sophisticated cyberattack,” its president, Roberta Metsola, confirmed.

Earlier in the day, MEPs voted in favor of a resolution recognizing Russia as a state that “supports terrorism” and “uses the means of terrorism” and calls for continued efforts to isolate Moscow internationally.

In the evening, the situation returned to normal, Parliament spokesman Jaume Duch said, confirming that the DDoS attack related to the “distributed denial of service” or “denial of service attack” has now been completed. This type of attack consists of flooding the network with requests to make the service unavailable.

All eyes are on Russia

Given the timing of this cyberattack, all eyes quickly turned to Russia. Not to mention that at the end of October, the Polish Senate was already paralyzed by an attack of this kind after voting on a similar resolution that recognized the Russian state as “terrorist.” “The attack was multidirectional, including from the territory of the Russian Federation,” the press service of the upper house of Poland emphasized at the time.

This time it will be a different group of pro-Kremlin cybercriminals. “We have good reason to believe that these are Killnet, hackers linked to Russia,” MEP and Vice Speaker of Parliament Eva Kaili told Politico.

“I condemn the cyberattack carried out today against the European Parliament by a pro-Russian group following a vote denouncing the regime of Vladimir Putin as a state that supports terrorism. Full support for mobilized groups,” French Digital Minister Jean-Noel Barraud tweeted.

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