The evolution of gambling in Canada

Today, thanks to the imagination of developers, various casino games for consoles, computers and smartphones are being released. Although access to online casino games has become easier, many people are leaning towards retro games. The following is a partial list of the most popular retro games of all time.

The best online casinos of the moment

Casino Kid from the Nintendo Entertainment System platform, 1989

This is a game inspired by Yuki Ishigaki’s Japanese manga “Million Dollar Baby”. Casino Kid is a casino game where the goal is to collect the highest possible winnings in order to fight and overthrow the evil king of the casino. In the Western version, this requires taking part in several poker or blackjack tournaments. There are also more oriental versions of slot machines and roulette.

Vegas Dream Nintendo Entertainment System 1990

Vegas Dream originated in Japan in 1988 under the name Viva Las Vegas. It wasn’t until the early 90s that it was released in Europe and the US. Vegas Dream is now one of the most famous and popular retro games in casino history. Indeed, this game allows you to immerse yourself in the world of Las Vegas in a sensational story mode. In addition, it offers a more traditional gaming experience for various casino games. Here’s a summary of the story mode: The protagonist arrives in Las Vegas with empty pockets and must travel the world of the strip to get out of poverty. The standard scenario of a retro casino, of course, but very successful.

High stakes gambling at the Game Boy casino, 1992

Developed for the first Game Boy, High Stakes Gambling is a game set during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Protagonist Pete Rosetti is an FBI agent tasked with infiltrating a casino as a fearless gambler. The goal is to bankrupt the mafia that hides behind the gambling house. What can High Stakes Gambling offer?

  • Opportunity to play poker, slot machines or roulette
  • Access to various tools to quickly advance in the game

Vegas Stakes

This video game is part of the casino games developed by the HAL laboratory. Vegas Stakes was released by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo system in 1993 and for the Game Boy in 1995. It tells the story of a gambler trying to get rich playing casino games. Vegas Stakes allows you to play the most popular gambling games, including:

  • Poker
  • black Jack
  • Roulette
  • Slot machines

To give the game a more realistic feel, there is an option to specify what you would like to buy with the amounts you win.

Currently, new technologies offer various options for live games and high-definition graphics. However, retro casino games continue to captivate many players. In addition, consoles and vintage games are the subject of several collections.

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