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The new generation is here and with it comes The Falconeer, one of the few new titles to have reached a generation that promises to be breathtaking. Let’s see if this game created by Tomas sala practically solo and edited by Wired productions fly high or not, which is clear we can only thank you for choosing the Microsoft ecosystem for its launch and that is to be appreciated.


I have to say it took me a little while to get into the history of this title, a huge amount of hard to digest text, we would have liked to see this story in motion.

In The Falconeer we will meet in a world called Ursee, a place dominated in its greatest percentage by the ocean where small islets can be seen.

In these islets we will find the different factions that are submerged in military wars to control the small land that remains on the planet.

The story will be divided into a prologue and several acts, each act that we liked will be seen from a different point of view.

The Falconeer, analysis of this Xbox exclusive

We got on The Falconeer to live the experience on Xbox Series X

Each faction, as I say, is going to tell us a part of the story and it’s very cool for us, the pity is that we haven’t noticed any change in the gameplay or in the mechanics of the game and with that it loses some vigor wanting to know which towers you already have. I say he has and very well.


It’s an airplane game basically with a good mix of RPGs, like I said before we will have to perform missions once a little tutorial is completed where they will teach us the main controls of the game. Here I must say that the tutorial is not explicit enough to understand what The Falconeer is all about.

The gameplay will be simple, steal and destroy enemiesThis will be the main mechanics of this title which at the beginning once controlled our hawk is quite rewarding but which little by little it dilutes entering into a worrying monotony.

Each pilot changes in each episode and having different stats we will have slight variations when entering combat.

The shooting mechanics have been pretty cool since each mount will have its own weaponry And ammunition is still quite abundant at the beginning and adding that you can buy it, you can also have an overload in the containers that transport them and explode, with which to prepare to die.

In the scenarios we will find drafts that it is highly recommended to capture since thanks to them we will fill our energy bar in addition to diving, this will be used to use speed or flips to the sides to avoid enemy fire.

The Falconeer, analysis of this Xbox exclusive

Before the fights we can buy with money that we get mostly by doing missions to bring it to such a point, destroy or escort such a thing, etc. Once at the point indicated, they will give us these coins to buy potions for our beast to gain strength or speed among other options or to buy new weapons.

The Falconeer keeps hanging on me What’s wrong?

I think the main problem I find in not getting hooked is the lack of variety and the slow pace of the game that comes with being slowed down after relatively short fights and extremely repetitive routes.

It reminds me a bit of the beginning of Sea of ​​Thieves, technically the gameplay is very cool but I find it very lacking in content or at least variety.

Difficulty and duration

The difficulty at the beginning was quite complex but more because of a bad explanation of what to do at certain times than because of the difficulty of eliminating our enemies. At times, our captain will give us multiple consecutive coordinates of interest that once you complete the second after dying and repeating a few times you will have forgotten them.

The duration will depend a lot on your skills as a pilot but again the monotony carries a lot of weight in this section and it cost us over a consecutive hour in each session.

Technical section

The Falconeer looks great, it’s true In the Xbox Series X where we are doing this analysis or from the Xbox Series S we are going to enjoy it 100% reaching between 4K / 60fps or 1080 / 120fps If your TV allows it, it is clear that this is a game totally designed for the new generation. So much so that the fixes that Tomas Sala releases first reach these and PC, then they will reach Xbox One X.

The Falconeer, analysis of this Xbox exclusive

Although it is true that being a giant map we will see some very repetitive areas, we cannot ignore it storms and sunsets will give us memorable visual moments.

The soundtrack fills in perfectly and it felt like it based on what we see on screen both in moments of travel and when we go into battle and in both cases it’s quite charismatic.

As far as how it works, despite being difficult to get your hands on the controls at first, they are implemented quite well and after the first 30 minutes you can even panic a bit and cross the ocean or even dive into the water with great ease.

Final conclusion

Maybe the final conclusion is a bit long, but I don’t want the feeling that I don’t like the game to put goals in any of the main sections, like gameplay. The game is very good and gives a different touch to this genre and above all let’s not forget that this madness was largely developed by one person. Without a doubt, this has a lot of merit.

I have to highlight its artistic section which looks very good and the soundtrack which gives us high quality moments of relaxation and action.

We can put corn on The Falconeer, of course we can, but not because of some bad work which under the conditions of another launch goes unnoticed, but it is that it does with a console new generation and as one of the only exclusive release games with what that weighs a lot and it is inevitable to want to see their full potential.

As I said before, it reminded me a lot of the beginnings of Sea Of Thieves, a game with a very promising start but which with the passage of the minutes became something monotonous and meaningless because it was excessively linear and lacking in content.

Maybe with future content updates or with the arrival of more people who can contribute ideas to this great project by Tomas Sala, I can say the same as I say now with Sea of ​​Thieves ( for my top 3 of the last generation).

the falconeer blanket


A very well designed universe TOMAS SALA in capitals Very good soundtrack


You fall into monotony sooner than expected Little customization and enemies

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