The family’s home is empty in Carcassonne during their vacation: “What I did is inexpressible, but I guess,” the owner reacts.

The owner of a house in Montlégune, rented out to the Dards and their two children through SCI, Maria A. believes she did the right thing to herself by forcibly evicting the tenants. She’s on trial for burglary.

“I put everything on the sidewalk, people came to help themselves, the noise of the garage sale quickly spread to neighboring areas, as for the cars, they are with tow trucks, whose numbers the police have,” the owner explains in a very calm tone and after consulting with his lawyer . “I was stunned, what I did is simply inexpressible, it’s true that they had absolutely nothing left. I have lost my mind, but I am ready to face justice, ”the hostess continues, explaining the reasons for her anger.

“Eviction notice being issued”

“Since October, we have been warning tenants that the lease agreement ends in May 2022 and that on May 16, an inventory will be carried out in the presence of a bailiff. regarding the duration of the lease issued by our SCI. But my attorney took steps to get an eviction notice for a hearing scheduled for June 27th, but the case was delayed until the month of June. October 2023

“They didn’t want to leave”

Why not wait until that date if she thought she was within her rights? “Because if the bailiff and the lawyer have already intervened, it is because there was still a reason: the rent for February, April, May, and now June, July has not been paid. For my husband who bought this house, this means 950 € to pay from then on if we do not want the bank to confiscate the house. This is the fruit of his work as a trader in Carcassonne. After October there for winter holidays, we returned in May 2023. and what, we couldn’t afford it.” Maria Alexandrovna claims that she has always been on good terms with her tenants, “pricing the price” on them, offering to buy a house, “but as soon as the lease period ended, they no longer wanted to leave.”

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