The famous Norton antivirus launches its offer for gamers at -55% during the French Days

Several qualities make up this offer for Gamers. Let’s start with the basics, which is to protect 3 devices simultaneously against online threats. Your computers, be it a PC or a Mac, your smartphones or even tablets, can benefit from this device. Viruses, whether they be malware, ransomware, and other spyware, as well as phishing, are all threats that will be kept at bay, so you can play with peace of mind.

However, if you are struggling to get rid of a virus, 100% Virus Promise will be a powerful ally. If you can’t overcome a threat, a Norton IT specialist will take care of you. Other tools are also included, such as SafeCam (on Windows), which prevents malware from launching your webcam without your knowledge, a password manager, and SecureVPN.

The latter is ideal for combating tracking, masking your real IP address, and circumventing various restrictions tied to your geographical position. The Dark Web Monitoring, also included, allows you to detect if your personal data is circulating on the Dark Web and notifies you.

Kids aren’t left out thanks to parental controls and school mode. And if that wasn’t enough, Windows users (except Windows 10 S) also have 50GB of cloud storage included, as well as useful tools like a full-screen detector when detecting threats to remove, as well as a notification manager. .

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