The fighting game Midnight Fight Express features motioncaptured combat and action.

Connor Bridgman of Humble Games took to the official PlayStation Blog to reveal more details on how the combat and action was created in Midnight Fight Express’ new “highintensity 3D brawler”. Check out the teaser trailer below to learn more about the game and see a little gameplay in action that uses motion capture technology for smooth motion and realistic action scenes.

Midnight Battle Express

“Midnight Fight Express is a fastpaced 3D brawler that takes the player back to the heyday of action and gaming in the 80s. The game is mainly developed by one person, Jacob Dzwinel, and published by Humble Games for release on PS4 on August 23rd. assembled a team at his SuperAlloy Interactive studio in Las Vegas to design and execute motion capture for the game’s unique combat engine.”

“Jakobus and Dzwinel decided to set up a fourday mockup shoot, during which the team will practice the planned 300 shots, including combos, parries, finishing blows, environmental attacks and enemy moves. When the day of shooting began, Jacobus and Dzvinel realized that there had been a misunderstanding: each move had to be executed against the enemy in the north, south, east and west. There were not 300 shots; in 4 days it was necessary to make 1200 shots. “Doesn’t matter,” said Jacobus, who performed with Fernando’s longtime stunt colleague and friend Jay Huerto. “Jay and I have worked together for decades. We just need to do every frame on the first take.”

“While designing the action, Jacobus knew the tone had to be hilarious. “The audience has enough superserious action films and films. MFE can be the cathartic release they need, not only with physically exciting moves, but bordering on ridiculous.” Jacobus and Huerto offered their ridiculous ideas, and Dzvinel said whether it was too long, too short, too crazy, or (more often) not crazy enough.”

Source: PSBlog

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