The Firefox browser is available in version 104.0.

The Mozilla Foundation has released a new version of its Firefox browser. The program is now available in version 104.0. And as we see here, this new opus brings some innovations and corrections.


  • Subtitles are now available for Disney+ in Picture in Picture.

  • Firefox now supports both the scroll-snap-stop property and rebinding. You can use the always and normal values ​​of the scroll-snap-stop property to specify whether anchor points should be skipped, even when scrolling quickly. Rebinding tries to keep the last anchor position after any content/layout changes.

  • Firefox Profiler can analyze the power consumption of a website (Apple M1 and Windows 11 only).

  • The Firefox UI itself will now throttle performance and battery usage when minimized or hidden, similar to background tabs.


  • Highlight color is saved correctly after hitting Enter in Yahoo Mail and Outlook mail editor.

  • After bypassing the https-only error page, reverting will take you back to the error page that was previously closed. Back now takes you back to the previous site you visited.

  • The raw paste shortcut (shift+ctrl/cmd+v) now works in text contexts such as input field and text field.

  • Various security fixes.

As usual, you can download the new version 104.0 of Firefox either from the Mozilla website or from our Downloads section:

– Download Firefox 104.0 for Windows (32-bit).
– Download Firefox 104.0 for Windows (64-bit).
– Download Firefox 104.0 for Mac.
– Download Firefox 104.0 for Linux.

Users of a previous version of Firefox can update directly from Firefox via the Help menu and then About Firefox. There, the program will ask them to directly upgrade to Firefox 104.0.


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