The first images of the Resident Evil reboot leak

Here we are. The first images of the Resident Evil reboot for the cinema have appeared and it makes you want to.

This time, we finally have something concrete. Long awaited since the end of the horror saga with Milla Jovovich headlining, all fans of resident Evil, look forward to this reboot, which must take more faithfully the atmosphere that we have known in video games.

What turn does it take? Well, we want to say that it smells pretty good. A first burst of images appeared on Resident Evil’s Twitter account and as much to say that it seems very scary, with the appearance of several emblematic elements.

You can see the famous Raccoon City police helicopter with the STARS emblem Without being categorical, the last image strongly reminds us at the entrance to the Spencer mansion.

Dixit Paul WS Anderson, who introduced us to the character of Alice. This new adaptation was entrusted to Johannes roberts, and will focus more on what was unveiled around the time of the first PlayStation (Oh damn that doesn’t make me younger.)

As for the cast, we already know that Hannah john-kamen will play the role of Jill Valentine, while Tom hopper will be Albert Wesker, and Avan Jogia, Leon S. Kennedy.

How, a release date? Sorry we still don’t have one.


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