The first “visual concept” of Project Windless

Published on September 20, 2022 at 10:48 am

The Krafton group is currently developing the Windless project based on Yong-do Lee’s “Tear Drinking Bird” novels as a video game. For two years now, the project’s creative team has been adapting the universe of the book in the form of concept drawings (notably by artists Song Gwangjae and Ian McCaig, who explained it to us in the context of an interview illustrated with a few – some of their unpublished drawings). These concept drawings then serve as the basis for the implementation of the game universe using Unreal Engine 5.
We discover the result of this first phase of implementation in the first trailer for Project Windless, defined as a “visual concept” that opposes a hero with Nhagas. Enough to start understanding the game world and characters, their aesthetics and the atmosphere we find in the game (obviously dark and mature).

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