The French army tests Spot in combat scenarios: the Boston Dynamics robot takes care of reconnaissance tasks

Boston Dynamics Spot has gradually seen it debut in different types of businesses as it reaches more businesses since it went on sale. Although its purpose is to be used in civilian environments, it has also been used by law enforcement agencies in various parts of the world. The last one to do is the French army, which tested Spot as a reconnaissance tool in combat scenarios.

According to photos shared by the French military school École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, Spot was when tested in training combat scenarios by the students of the school. Apparently, the robot was used for reconnaissance in training exercises, with the aim of educating students about the importance of robots in future battles.

French media Ouest France reports that Spot was used with other robots during these training days. Military simulated a series of scenarios first only with humans, then with humans accompanied by robots to see what a difference there was and what the robots could bring.

The use of robots made testing slower but at the same time safer, according to Ouest France. This is because robots in general were used for the recognition of environments and thus offer more security to the soldiers.

The Boston Dynamics robot dog is equipped with cameras and LiDAR sensors that allow you to scan and map in three dimensions of the place you are accessing. Likewise, its ability to move allows it to pass through difficult environments without major problems. This is why it is normally used for reconnaissance in all kinds of places, from a shuttle by SpaceX at Chernobyl.

Occasional and military environments

Although this time Spot was presumably only used for reconnaissance activities, its appearance in military circles raises the question of its future in places like that. Boston Dynamics, for example, has previously worked with the US military to develop combat robots.

With Spot however, things are somewhat different, from the outset Boston Dynamics indicated that with entering the commercial sector prohibit it being used to harm people. This includes a ban on placing any type of weapon on the robot or training it in such activities.

In the latter case, there is a fine line. On the one hand, you can see the potential utility of harming and helping the military, on the other hand, it helps the military to be safe and can help those in danger. A Boston Dynamics official told The Verge that the company “Still evaluating” whether or not to ban the use of Spot in military environments. It’s definitely more fun when you’re dancing.

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