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Jackals fear for their skins, sung in a war song. Jackals (note to animal lovers, we have nothing against this quadruped, it’s a metaphor) are numerous enemies of freedom who want Elon Musk to fail in the reorganization of Twitter after its eventful takeover.

Strong cash flow and new ambitions

At a conference (source: Century Digital) hosted by Morgan Stanley Tech, Media and Tele Communications in San Francisco on March 7, 2023, Elon Musk gave an overview of what Twitter could be like in the future.

Maximum freedom of speech, minimum censorship

Everyone knows that social media conveys the best and the worst, often the worst. It’s okay to censor murder calls, personal denunciations or pedophile advertisements, it’s all a matter of common sense. Where it stings is that social media is taking the path of systematically censoring all inappropriate speech. A perfect example during the Covid period is Facebook, which censored any speech pointing to a lab leak as the source of the virus, while this hypothesis is now on the table among others.

Artificial intelligence to fight disinformation

To replace his thousands of “moderators/censors”, many of whom have already been fired, Musk is banking on artificial intelligence. When we see the performance of ChatGPT4 (pending 5 and beyond), we can imagine opportunities in this area.

According to Elon Musk, “The goal is to make Twitter the best source of truth, the most timely and accurate source of truth, even if the truth is something we don’t want to hear, or it’s unpleasant, or something else but timely.” and accurate, and where you can really understand what’s going on.”

Of course, the EU with the Digital Services Act wants Musk to hire as many censors, excuse the moderators, people as possible. For his part, Musk assures that the number of statements considered “hateful” has decreased by 50% since his acquisition.

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New sources of income

While the advertising of large corporations would be drastically reduced, Twitter is embarking on new sources of income. Thus, an account can be certified (its provenance is verified), just like Ojim, for one hundred euros or dollars a year.

Another model is China’s Tencent, WeChat, which allows online payments, transfers between individual accounts, online games, research, etc. Musk has made many enemies during the difficult transition: all those who want to filter information in this way. in a manner consistent with the material and moral interests of the liberal libertarian world. It’s crowded, but this devil has more than one trick up his sleeve.

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