The FW Club: tech lobbies and their impact on politics, the impact of the crisis on investment models, like the positions of Elon Musk, Adam Neumann, Peter Thiel, Jack Dorsey, … are they symbols of technology

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These are all the topics that our guests are discussing in this new meeting that we offer every Friday on, as well as on various podcast platforms (Apple, Deezer, Spotify). invited ecosystem figures to come and share their insights and analysis on the key topics that make it into the news. So you will be able to find Roxane Varza, Jeff Clavier, Pierre Poignan, Odile Roujol, Stéphane Distingen and in this first episode of Stéphanie’s Hospital, Patrick Bertrand and Marion Moreau:

  • Rising energy prices, talent wars, how is the crisis affecting business?
  • How do investment models face the crisis?
  • The dark shop controversy raises again the question of tech lobbies and their impact on politicians.
  • How do the poses of Elon Musk, Adam Neumann, Peter Thiel, Jack Dorsey, etc. symbolize technology?

Listen to “The Technology Lobby and its Impact on Politics, the Impact of the Crisis on Investment Models…. on speaker.

This is an opportunity for the entire team to wish you a good start to the new school year in a particularly challenging environment. We bring you a new business-focused program grid at a time when companies are focusing on their core business, optimizing their investments, and need to identify best practices and solutions that will benefit them in 2023 to drive their growth during this period. crisis period. Feel free to contact us if you would like to get involved.

Have a great start to the new school year everyone and enjoy browsing

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