The Good Life sees its release date postponed

The Good Life, the new creation of SWERY, will not be released this summer. The game is finally slated for fall.

Already postponed several times and expected for the summer, The Good Life sees its release date shifted and will finally land in the fall. A delay that was announced by SWERY (Deadly Premonition) himself through an apology tweet.

As a reminder, this new indie game is an RPG where originality takes precedence. We play a photojournalist, a New Yorker named Naomi who settles in an English village. His main goal is to pay off a huge debt.. To this end, it is therefore obliged to chain jobs and activities of all kinds.

Thus, players will find themselves earning money by different means: delivering milk, gardening, making jam … And to spice up an already very strange adventure, where the inhabitants – including the heroine – turn into dogs and cats, it will also be a question of a murder story.

While waiting for his arrival, a new video of the title has been released:


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