The gOtaf app wants to be the voice of job search

The voice is the preferred communication vector for human beings. This is why Jean-Muriel Azonhoume, co-founder of gOtaf, wanted to put it at the center of his job search platform. “It is a way to help job seekers who have difficulties with digital uses but also with reading. We are betting on simplicity to facilitate access to information and strengthen inclusion. “

A home-made voice synthesis system

On gOtaf, CVs and job offers are posted by voice. The recruiting company pays for the service according to the offer or the subscription then sends it to gOtaf, without a specific form, which will simplify it and adapt it to the spoken word. A text-to-speech system will eventually read the text. The system, designed in-house, follows tests carried out with Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Azure and Google Text-to-Speech.

“If a company wants to bring more emotion and warmth, to do something more personal, we call on an actor.” The offer should include basic information like job title, company name, location and salary. “We will then go and find the essential elements of the offer so that it can be listened to and that it makes you want to apply.” The offer will stay online for three months by default.

Simplify Applications

For his part, in the first version of gOtaf, the candidate uses the keyboard or the microphone then the transcription to choose a job and a geolocation. Thumbnails, with a drawing illustrating the job, then appear and the candidate just has to click to listen to the offers. “In the second version, we would like to erase the passage through the written word and that all the offers corresponding to the search are read in a playlist.”

After listening to the job offers, the applicant can apply with a simple click and recording his voice CV that gOtaf will send to the company. The latter can also complete the process with a series of questions to ensure the match between the necessary skills, the position to be filled and the candidate’s profile. He will then respond vocally. In a final, long-term version, Jean-Muriel Azonhoume hopes that it will suffice to ask gOtaf about the offers corresponding to his searches for the job seeker to hear them and that he only has to pronounce the words “I am applying” to apply. “We want the offer to come to us rather than going for it.”

more than 1000 offers at launch

By then, for its launch on May 1, gOtaf will offer more than 1,000 job offers and is counting on partner prescribers, Mission Locale and the inclusion platform of the Ministry of Labor in particular, to be the echo of the application among candidates for whom the application is free. “We would like to reach 10,000 registrations in the first year.”

Even though 3.8 million people are unemployed in France and nearly 350,000 vacancies remain unfilled, gOtaf is looking further ahead, projecting itself in Africa, the Middle East or South America where illiteracy is slowing down recruitment. Supported by French Tech Bordeaux, the club of social and solidarity economy investors “cicadas” and the WAI incubator in Bordeaux (Gironde) where it has been established since June 2020, gOtaf is recognized as being of social and solidarity utility.

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