The growing Atani platform: global and simplified access to cryptocurrencies

Penetrating the crypto universe is not always easy, even after 10 years since the creation of the blockchain. As buying bitcoin becomes popular, reacting with different platforms and providers is an obligation. These are procedures, several interfaces, but also various accounts linked to your taxation. Indeed, to ensure the optimization of your investment experience, is an effective solution.

A unique and practical platform

Previously known as Etoshi, Atani is a crypto-trading platform that was designed to make life easier for investors. Of Japanese origin, it translates to “to you” in French. In order to invest in many exchanges at the same time, this platform is ideal. It offers a unique and practical interface. This illustrates its desire to make full and simplified access accessible to its users. Atani also offers much-needed features at an affordable price. The site is presented in several languages ​​such as French, Russian, Korean, English, Spanish, German, Japanese and Arabic. All to show its global ambitions. It is ideal for obtaining clear visibility of your crypto portfolio. It also makes it possible to compare the rates, and in return to choose the most advantageous. It will also be easy for you to approach your tax return with the application which generates them automatically.

The creation of the Atani platform

The Atani platform was launched in 2019 by early crypto-fans from Spain. The co-founders are 2 siblings who were also cryptocurrency enthusiasts since 2013. Paul Barroso is an experienced software engineer. Previously, he was a developer of trading robots at Morgan Stanley. As for Haydée Barroso, an experienced pro in finance, but also a strategic consultant in various important institutions such as Boston Consulting Group or BSC. They found that for a blockchain investment, traders are forced to go back to various exchanges. As a result, they then developed the idea of ​​a unified platform. For quality trading and the simplification of the user experience, all the necessary tools have been put in place. A team of more than 20 experts in the sector was quickly assembled to face this challenge.

A secure trading platform

Optimal security is guaranteed on Atani. He is completely independent, because he never has access to your credentials and your funds. In order to gain the trust of traders, the platform uses encrypted API keys to allow you to enter your accounts. This key is immediately linked to your personal hardware support. The site is hosted in the cloud. It can handle partner site faults and is conditioned to maintain low latency. Thanks to the partnership with more than 20 exchanges (including Kraken, Binance, Kucoin, bitFlyer, Coinbase, Okcoin, etc.) free trading tools are provided by them. Therefore, this promotes a reduction in operations for the users. Atani is a crypto aggregator dedicated to all traders regardless of their level.

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