The Hong Kong Massacre is coming to Switch

Game news The Hong Kong Massacre is coming to Switch

Available on PC and PS4 since January 2019, The Hong Kong Massacre is still expected on Switch, console on which the title was made official in September. This morning, the developers let us know more.

Indeed, VRESKI and Untold Games announce that The Hong Kong Massacre will arrive very soon on Nintendo Switch, December 26 to be exact, and at the cost of € 19.99. The shooter is presented as a homage to the films of John Woo, in which a single, well-placed bullet can kill. Players who will appreciate The original band, as well as those who already love it, can subscribe to the Untold Games newsletter, with whom the studio has recently partnered, in order to free get a download link and thus obtain the music of the game for free.

By MalloDelic, Journalist


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