The Impact of Blockchain Technology on Robotics – ThePressFree

by Apoorva Bellapu

October 17, 2021

There are an ‘n’ number of areas that have seen extensive robot applications. Whether in manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment, transportation, tourism, education, or anything else, they are all so reliant on robotics that even today addiction is significant. While the use of robotics has alleviated many technical problems, there are still a number of challenges to consider, such as data security, communication between robots, and unmanned navigation, not to mention a few. This is exactly where blockchain technology comes into play. Blockchain technology has the potential to solve some of these major challenges / problems. Read on to learn about the impact of blockchain technology on robotics.

Get straight to the facts – it’s no wonder robots are getting more popular, smarter, and more profitable. However, what should not be overlooked is the fact that, in most cases, robots require human supervision for optimal operation. Here, blockchain technology is nothing less than a savior, helping robotics take another step towards full autonomy, where it can operate without too much human intervention. When blockchain is used as a communication tool for robots, it naturally includes security and protection against deception. Certainly, when communication is secure, robots can perform their designated tasks. Given the heavy reliance on robotics to achieve business goals, there would come a time when robots would be needed to develop and maintain economic relationships. Blockchain is the answer to the economic and technological difficulties that arise over time.

Simply put, a blockchain is a public ledger whose information is stored in consecutive “blocks” of information. On the positive side, this information is protected by a consensus algorithm.

With advanced encryption techniques, such as cryptographic digital signatures and cryptographically secure public key cryptography, which are an integral part of the blockchain, users can be assured of optimal data security on shared channels. Shared information is highly secure because its accessibility is controlled by the specific private key that a robot has.

With blockchain technology in place, a public and private key pair can be assigned to each robot in the group, considering the case of swarm robots. Here, the public key can be the main information available about a robot, while the private key can identify a robot before initiating communication. Today, it is completely possible to implement robots to exchange goods, services and resources with a person or with a machine, thanks to blockchain. Well, there is more to that. Bots can now use smart contracts to sell their services to humans, eliminating the need for third-party authentication.

Finding the best way for a set of robots to perform a common task has always been a challenge. Perhaps one of the best solutions to employ would be to opt for a market mechanism, relying on game theory, decision theory, and economic mechanisms for assigning work. Again, it is the blockchain that would help build this mechanism. Well, not only: blockchain technology can be further explored to enable precise scheduling of tasks, evaluate results, and distribute resources equally.

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