The importance of email marketing

When an email campaign is done well, with the right targeting and the right content, it can generate great results. It must be recognized that arriving directly in private in the mailbox of a potential client seems much more personal than appearing between two publications on a feed. At least this is the opinion defended in the last report signed by Email Tool Tester.

The power of email lies in its customizable character and it has proven itself since the first email was sent in 1978. Addressed directly to the recipient, with an eye-catching subject line and content adapted to the customer’s profile, the email has then a good chance of being opened.

Today, there are 4.3 billion users worldwide and potentially 4.5 billion next year; which makes it one of the best ways to promote a product or service. But, in the midst of dozens or hundreds of messages received in an inbox, you have to know how to stand out. Because yes, the competition is tough and there is too much spam!

The right recipe…?

There are several types of messages: newsletters, welcome emails, automatic replies, scheduled messages and RSS; with very different opening rates for each.

If we put aside for a moment the 14.8% of emails that end up blocked by spam filters, two little tips can give good results. The first: keep it short! According to analysts, posts under 200 words are the ones that generate the most engagement. The second: don’t underestimate “abandoned cart” reminders. Indeed, this type of email notification has a conversion rate three times higher than other automated messages.

Beyond the direct channel that email represents, it is also important to remember that once optimized, email marketing can have a return on investment of 4400%. For better open and conversion rates, emojis are welcome in the subject line, the use of images is more than recommended, sending should be when customers buy the most and, finally, think of mobile first; although most emails are still open on desktop.

In short, social networks are great, but we must not forget this good old email!

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