The Indiana Jones game? Don’t expect it any time soon

At the start of the year, Xbox and Bethesda started their collaboration strong with the unexpected announcement of an Indiana Jones game. We then discovered a very short teaser, with the film’s music and a glimpse of Indy’s hat and whip which were enough to seduce the fans, very impatient to discover the first information about the project.

Last week, all eyes were fixed on Microsoft’s E3 2021 conference with a little hope of discovering the first images of the game. Unfortunately, despite a very beautiful show, the most famous archaeologist of the 7th art was among the absent. Unfortunately, he risks being discreet for quite a long time in the world of video games …

Indiana Jones: A game in pre-production?

Guest on Gamestop’s “Play for All 2021” podcast, Pete Hines, the current head of marketing and communications at Bethesda, gave some details about the Indiana Jones game. Asked about the latter’s absence from E3 and Summer Game Fest, Pete Hines confirmed what many players feared… Development of the game has just started.

They work [les développeurs] on the new game featuring Indiana Jones that we announced earlier this year. It’s very recent, and you can therefore deduce its state of progress: the game is only in its all, all, very beginnings.

A statement that makes you cringe. Indeed, this is not the first time that Bethesda has rushed to announce a game. The publisher had already done the blow with Starfield in 2018 which took three long years to show its first trailer (and whose release is scheduled for November 11, 2022). But also with The Elder Scrolls VI, still in 2018, of which we are without any information to date and whose release would not be scheduled before 2023 or 2024.

By announcing the game Indiana Jones when its development has not started, it means that it will still be necessary to wait at least two years to have the chance to have a glimpse worthy of the name. A pretty annoying habit that is starting to become a norm in the video game industry. At least we’re sure it’s going to be a next-gen title for PC, Xbox Series X, Series S and available when it’s released in Game Pass.

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