The Instacart Big & Bulky service allows you to order huge items.

After introducing 30minute delivery last year, Instacart hasn’t finished expanding its services. It will now allow you to order large items from retailers. The company’s new service, called “Big & Bulky,” promises sameday, onschedule delivery of items such as outdoor furniture, stationery and consumer electronics. Right now, several retailers, including Mastermind Toys, Office Depot, and Staples, are participating in the program nationally. If it works well, others will probably join soon.

If you’re already using Instacart to shop for groceries, you can order large items at the same time you buy groceries for the week. The company offers several interesting use cases in which this service will come in handy. Say you don’t have a TV before the football match. Instacart says you can use its app to get a 55inch TV within an hour. How often do you find yourself in such situations?

Well, at least the service opens up an additional way to earn money for contract buyers of the company. Instacart said it will pay workers who take large and bulky orders based on the number and weight of items in the order and, where applicable, will offer “big wage” incentives. Not bad for a buyer.


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