The iPhone 15 has just arrived to bring back that curved design

For three generations, the iPhone has used a flat-edge design, but if ShrimpApplePro’s source is right, that could change with the upcoming iPhone 15 family.

In a series of tweets about the display design for Apple’s next smartphone, the leaker stated that while the display will remain flat, all three devices will feature curved bezels. “All I can say [is] that the iPhone 15 is now more Android-like than ever,” the insider remarked in an earlier tweet. (will open in a new tab).

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If you’re having trouble imagining what it might look like, the leader told one follower. (will open in a new tab) “just imagine the iPhone 11 Pro Max display,” which was Apple’s last smartphone before the flat aesthetic took over. Here is a reminder of what it looked like.

iphone 11 pro max

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The insider also suggests that screen sizes will remain the same in this generation. This may come as a surprise given how poorly the iPhone 14 Plus is reportedly selling, but it takes time to change course. Remember that we still have the iPhone 13 mini even though it was clear from the beginning that the iPhone 12 mini was a failure in terms of sales.

Elsewhere in the thread, a source from ShrimpApplePro confirms that the Ceramic Shield will be back (“it’s not broken, so why bother”), that the front-facing camera looks unchanged, and that, as has long been predicted elsewhere, Dynamic Island will be present in all models and is no longer exclusive to Pro phones.

Speaking of Pro phones, the iPhone 15 Ultra is also mentioned, a well-known improvement that makes the 6.7-inch Pro Max model more attractive with features such as the Titanium skin.

“A source described that the iPhone 15 pro max (also known as ultra) [sic.] very beautiful,” wrote the leader. “With thinner bezels and curved edges, you can create the same effect as on the Apple Watch.”

This talk of curves lines up pretty clearly with the insider’s previous prediction. Back in November, ShrimpApplePro suggested that future iPhone 15 phones could have curved backs. If you combine both of these rumors, then you are left with a real break from the flat design era.

However, the key word in this sentence is “rumors” and while ShrimpApplePro’s predictions were confirmed right before this, this remains speculation until we have a little more evidence.

The good news is that if this really turns out to be true, in just a few months we will have more information. Leader predicts we should see CAD renders “soon in March or April”.

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