The Kooks: “10 Tracks To Echo In The Dark” Album Available!

British pop icons are back with their sixth album! After the arena world tour and release in 2018 Let’s go to the sun (UK top 10), Freaks gift 10 Tracks That Echo In The Dark.
After a grueling touring schedule, Luke Pritchard I promised myself to get some rest. But instead, he ended up back in the studio in Berlin, which has long been something of a creative Mecca for artists from all over the world. Pritchard found himself moving in these circles, meeting collaborators with whom he will work on this sixth juggernaut album, 10 Tracks That Echo In The Dark. Armed with a new mantra—don’t think too much and make a record he’d like to listen to at home—ideas flowed freely and easily. The group became a partner Tobias Kuhn co-write and produce most of the album.
When we get married and become a father for the first time, we hear evidence of a new Pritchard – a man behind whom are demons and who is optimistic about the future.
singer Freaks, Luke Pritchardwas in our studio to perform his hit Naïve and also Beautiful worldfrom the band’s latest album.
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