The Last of Us: an easter egg discovered 7 years later

Time flies. The Last of Us, the title that made the heyday of the PlayStation 3, will be 8 years old in June 2021. However, it continues to surprise players. Indeed, through an article relayed by the site, we learn that an easter egg was hidden in the game for a little over 7 years without anyone knowing it.

It was thanks to speedrunner Anthony Caliber, who specializes in The Last of Us, that he was discovered. It is not enough to go very far to come across this easter egg for the simple reason that it is found from the first minute of the game. To see it, a little flashback is required and for good reason.

This easter egg is directly linked to the video titled “Cordyceps Special Flash # 1” which was released by PlayStation to promote the game.

An easter egg hidden in the TV

Anthony Caliber has delivered all the secrets to find this easter egg. First, if your memory is playing tricks on you or you just didn’t watch the video in question when it first came out, then you need to take a look at YouTube. You will see a hostess ant of the parasite that will allow you to understand the evolution of the disease. It is an excerpt from this video that is hidden in the first moments of the game.

To see her, you’ll have to direct Sarah to the ground floor of the house as soon as the game starts. When she passes by the door of her father’s room, do not enter it. However, you will hear the sound of a television broadcasting a news channel. At some point in the game the show will be interrupted and you will see snow.

Go to the ground floor

It is on the ground floor that you will have to start the manipulations that will allow you to discover the easter egg. Once there, you will need to return to the main game menu if you have autosave enabled. If this is not the case, it will be necessary to perform a manual backup after the stairs.

After that, go back upstairs and open the door to Joel’s bedroom. You will then see the ant in the video appear on the television. It should be noted that this manipulation is not infallible. As the jeuxvidé site points out, if you opt for the option “Repeat the meeting” it does not work.

If you are feeling nostalgic or want to have a look at this easter egg, you can play The Last of Us on the PlayStation 3 and 4.

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