The Last of Us: an easter egg discovered more than 7 years later! How to get there?

News tip The Last of Us: an easter egg discovered more than 7 years later! How to get there?

Think you know everything about The Last of Us? The legendary hit of Naughty Dog, testament to the PlayStation 3, may well celebrate its 8th anniversary next June, it still contains secrets that have resisted players for many years! In this case, an easter egg referring to the first promotions of the title of Sony just surfaced, and today we walk you through how to access it in our complete The Last of Us solution.

A hidden easter egg… from the first minute of play!

First of all, be reassured: this easter egg does not spoile nothing at all from The Last of Us storyline since it can be found from the first minute of gameplay! This detail makes its status all the more surprising, since it means that players have missed a little surprise deliberately hidden by Naughty Dog from the first moments of this adventure and its legendary prologue.

Do you remember this playstation promotional video dating from before the game’s release, explaining the concept of cordyceps, this fungus infecting living things and causing the pandemic that would ravage humanity in the 2013 alternate from the creators of Uncharted? We could see in particular the evolution of the infection in an ant hostess of the parasite, which we would also find in the official artbook of the game. Well, know that this visual is hidden in the famous intro of The Last of Us, and that it is quite simply… in the room of Joel!

The screen in Joel’s room can display very different things …

The Last of Us: an easter egg discovered more than 7 years later!  How to get there?

But how do you get there, you ask? Well, you have to do a little manipulation discovered by Anthony caliber, speedrunner specializing in The Last of Us. As soon as you take control of Sarah, go down to the ground floor of the house without opening the door to your father’s room, which is ajar, letting out a ray of light and the sound of a television on, naturally arousing our curiosity.

Normally, if you walk into the room, you find that a news channel covers the unfolding disaster, before a muffled explosion interrupts the broadcast and replaces it with “snow”. Here, So skip this step and go down: a checkpoint is activated as soon as you walk down the ground floor after the stairs. Then go back to the main menu of the game (if you have activated the automatic save, otherwise make a manual save once you have climbed the stairs), reload your game (by pressing “continue”) then go upstairs to open the door to Joel’s room … and discover the visual of the infected ant, frozen on his television screen!

… But did you know this still image of an infected ant?

The Last of Us: an easter egg discovered more than 7 years later!  How to get there?

Does it work all the time?

Not quite ! This manipulation only works if you return to the game title screen: if you choose “restart the encounter”, which returns you to the checkpoint immediately after having validated the latter without restarting the game, this does not work. Instead, you’ll see on the TV the “snow” that appears after the explosion sequence that Sarah can watch out the window if you follow the “normal” flow of the intro. So understand that the explosion (scripted) will take place as soon as Sarah takes the stairs if she has not been in the room, but the change of image on the screen will be generated by the full reload of the game after the checkpoint passed.

Finally, note that this trick, after multiple checks, works whatever the difficulty of the game (in easy as in “Realistic”, the control point at the bottom of the stairs is identical), whether on the original PS3 version (it doesn’t matter edition, updated or not) but also on PlayStation 4 by playing The Last of Us Remastered, edition used for our video (with much shorter load times since the last specific PS4 update in this perspective), and therefore also on PlayStation 5 where the game is free with the PlayStation Plus Collection! The Last of Us has therefore not finished surprising us.

Did you know this easter egg from The Last of Us, and do you think that other surprises are still hidden in the cult title of Naughty Dog?

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