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The Last of Us continues with a very touching episode 3, which introduces the past of two supporting characters, Bill and Frank. A completely different video game element and an important difference from the HBO series.

The Last of Us: Bill and Frank’s Past

The Last of Us series, adapted from the video game of the same name, has become a real success for HBO. The first two episodes completely convinced the viewers, and the American channel rushed to confirm the second season. It must be said that the creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann (the latter created the game) found a good recipe to please fans of the game and attract their attention. new audience. The show is an extremely faithful adaptation, sometimes offering identical shots but also allowing for notable variations.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, The Last of Us © HBO

We could see this with the first part of episode 1, which allows us to see more of Joel and his daughter at the beginning of the epidemic. Or at the end of episode 2 marked by an unexpected “kiss”. But it’s all the more noticeable when the third episode is available from January 30 on Prime Video. An episode dedicated to the game’s minor character, Bill, and his companion Frank. While the episode begins by following the elements of the game (with Joel and Ellie collecting materials, see below), it quickly takes a different direction as we relive the past of these two main characters.

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