The Last of Us: everything we know about the HBO Max series

Adaptations of video games to the screen, we like it or not. It all depends on how the work looks on screen. If films like Monster Hunter by Paul WS Anderson have largely disappointed, others like the very recent Mortal Kombat by Simon McQuoid are rather cool. But, whatever your take on the adaptations, there’s one that should grab your attention: The Last of Us series on HBO Max. Announced a year ago, the project is finally on track. Game-Lord takes stock of everything we know about this series.

A nice casting for a series faithful to the video game

It’s no longer a surprise! HBO Max, Naughty Dog and PlayStation Productions had announced the adaptation of The Last of Us to the small screen for a year. The title, voted best video game at the Game Awards 2020, is an excellent basis for the series for Warner’s streaming platform. In this category of series adapted from a video game, The Last of Us is the direct competitor of the very popular The Witcher on Netflix.

The first season was therefore validated last November. But now, several months after this validation, the project fell into silence. It was not until this month of April that it was mentioned again. At the very beginning of the month, the CBC site announced that the pre-production of the series had started in March. This should last three good months to end on July 2. This pre-production phase naturally includes the casting. This one promises to be rather sober, but interesting.

We know that the role of Joël will be played by actor Pedro Pascal. Ellie will come to life on the small screen in the features of Bella Ramsey while Tommy will be played by Gabriel Luna. Some plot details have also been revealed. According to Neil Drunckmann, creator of the franchise for Naughty Dog, the series will align with the plot of the first installment of the video game while “filling in the gaps and expanding the universe.” To reassure early fans, he adds that “the philosophical pillars of the license” will be maintained. The Last of Us – the series, should therefore remain faithful to its video game inspiration.

Known directors, a release date still kept secret

More recently, the names of the directors who will star The Last of Us on the small screen have been revealed. They are Ali Abassi and Jasmila Zbanic. The first had made waves by winning the “Un certain regard” prize at the Cannes Film Festival for his film Border. The second had signed Sarajevo, my love, Golden Bear at the Berlinale and Quo vadis, Aida, nominated for the 2021 Oscars.

Filming for The Last of Us series is slated to begin next summer and run until spring 2022, so it’s unclear if the series could hit HBO Max next year. Case to follow !!!

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