The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, Bloodborne … these PlayStation exclusives we’d like to see on PC

Game News The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, Bloodborne … these PlayStation exclusives we’d like to see on PC

Posted 10/24/2021 at 8:25 am, updated 10/24/2021 at 8:22 am

For some time now, the notion of console exclusivity has been abused. While Microsoft has fully integrated the PC into its ecosystem, Sony, for its part, remains more cautious but has shown that its exclusives, for some, also end up on the computer. Following the announcement of the God of War PC port, we let select the excluded PlayStation that we would like to take by the hand with the mouse keyboard.

The Last of Us saga

A true punch in video games, which has turned many codes in terms of storytelling in video games upside down, The Last of Us, like its sequel, have been cornerstones of our media. The brutality of the theme, the nuances given to the characters, the torments, but also the joys they experience have marked most of the players who have tried it. Already cult today, the saga has not yet had the opportunity to leave its PlayStation, and, given the quality of these games, but also their quite impressive technique, it goes without saying that seeing them reach PC would be a great news, and does not doubt a success.


If Spider-Man has very often planted his nets on PC in video games, his most recent iterations, namely Spider-Man and Spider-Man Miles Morales, have yet to find favor on our graphics cards. And it must be recognized that the style of these games is today quite anchored in the Sony galaxy, having both PC and Xbox only more or less equivalent in the matter. Regardless, Insomniac’s work on the franchise has been unanimously praised and it is certainly with great enthusiasm that the PC community would welcome these modern versions of Weaver’s adventures.

Tsushima ghost

This is one of the games that marked the year 2020. Ghost of Tsushima was a great adventure when it launched, but it developed its content and its many qualities when Director’s Cut launched this year. With a graphical facelift optimized for the next generation of PlayStation, an entirely new story arc, and a new zone, Sucker Punch’s dream adventure seems quite poised to spread its wings on other platforms, if only for the sake of it. her. There are no indications that any port is currently in preparation.


Here’s another PS5 exclusive that has made a lot of ink flow, both for its qualities and for the very idea that it is having a hard time in a video game. Returnal did not stop annoying people having rubbed shoulders with his somewhat harsh rogue style, where the games are long, with no possible backups and where death is unforgiving. The rogue, traditionally anchored in the PC galaxy, has found a handsome contender for the throne of complicated games, which PC gamers would certainly like to try.

Demon Souls remake

Since we were talking about the difficulty, we could also say that PC gamers envy another excluded PS5. The Demon’s Souls remake, signed by Bluepoint Games, was indeed unanimously recognized as a high-quality redesign, capable of staying true to the original material, while giving it the facelift that it was clearly in great need. Technically quite impressive, the new generation of Demon Souls could allow fans of From Software productions to discover or rediscover this nugget if it made it to the PC.


Let’s stay with Souls-Like and the From Software label with one of the most obvious exclusives that you could almost believe is a bit neglected today: Bloodborne. If the game marked its moment for its multiple qualities, its different approach to the genre, and its unstoppable atmosphere, so far it hasn’t even benefited from a PS5 update, to do justice to its unrelated art direction. Based on this observation, it would be easy to think that a PC port is certainly not on the agenda, but the insistent demands and popularity of the game could well turn things around. At least that’s all the damage you want. In the absence of a new version, a port would undoubtedly make people happy.

Shadow of the colossus

If you’ve been glued to your PC for years, and only to it, you may have missed Shadow of the Colossus, co-signed by Team Ico, and its remake managed by Bluepoint Games. Technically redesigned during the life cycle of the PS4, the Fumito Ueda-designed title regained its nobility during its redesign released in 2018 on PS4, at the same time opening up to a whole new audience who could discover the charms (and flaws) of the original. work, in a particularly neat case. The remake had the intelligence to do a fairly exemplary job of graphic redesign, necessary, without ever sacrificing the poetry of the base game, or even erasing its few pitfalls that in no way tarnish the magic of the original game. An experience in its own right that many PC gamers would certainly love to experience if given the chance.

Astro Bot rescue mission

It is not forbidden to affirm that if virtual reality has not taken off in video games today, it is still the almost exclusive territory of the PC, which offers the most popular, most complete and technically the most successful virtual reality experiences. And yet the PSVR also had its nugget: Astro Bot Rescue Mission. This adorable and cool platformer from start to finish is currently only available to PSVR owners. If it is very difficult to imagine today seeing the title reach other platforms, with AStro Bot having almost become Sony’s hardware mascot in video games, the VR PC range would have a very nice essential of this type there. With no news of the PSVR 2 and given the attachment that Sony seems to have towards the charming character, who also opened the launch of the PS5, Astro Bot will probably not be in the virtual reality headsets for PC tomorrow, unfortunately.

Of course, other exclusives could have appeared in these columns: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, inFAMOUS: Second Son, The Last Guardian, and many others. In any case, Sony is not hostile to porting its renowned franchises to the PC, and it is a safe bet that this trend should not disappear in the future. While it is currently difficult to imagine “exclusive” games being released simultaneously on PS5 and PC, as Microsoft can do, the interest, even if only financial, in allowing a new audience to rediscover games and thereby relaunch their news and presence In Lower Cost Shelving, they should encourage the manufacturer to continue in this direction, much to the satisfaction of the PC community.

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