The Last of Us on PC in September? –

The Last of Us is the mythical game that alone made consumers switch to the PlayStation. So talking about the appearance on PC of a game originally released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 is not really a dream. However, Naughty Dog has rebuilt every element and every texture from scratch and added features with the goal of “porting” this game natively to PS5. But the same work has begun on PC, and with the PS5 version announced for early September, it’s highly likely that PC users won’t have to wait long.

There has been a real change in Sony’s Playstation exclusive games policy. Until last year, the Sony console was considered the undisputed PC replacement for gaming… Things have changed drastically.

In recent hours, a senior member of the Naughty Dog team has hinted that The Last of Us remake will be coming to PC “very soon” after its release on PlayStation 5. But something seems to be changing in regards to the rhythm of Sony’s PC “ports”. in future.

PC version of The Last of Us days after PS5 launch?

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