The Last of Us Online on PS5? One more clue that points to this project at Naughty Dog!

, by Amaury Laguerre (Sadako)

Long before the release of the PS5 and The Last of Us: Part II on PS4, we knew that Naughty Dog was working on an online multiplayer mode before deciding to put it on hiatus to better focus on the game’s single-player adventure. Today, it’s a brand new clue that comes to us from a job offer that once again puts the chip in the ear regarding the future release of The Last of Us Online on PS5.

Naughty Dog is indeed looking for an “Economy Designer”, which can be translated in French as “creator of an economic system”. His goal ? Make sure that the mystery game remains fun enough for the players, while making them want to spend a few dollars in the game. He will also be responsible for gameplay adjustments, while working with the other teams of the game in question .

While this announcement doesn’t make it clear that the game is The Last of Us Online on PS5, we don’t think Naughty Dog has had time to develop another title alongside The Last of Us: Part II. As the game still does not have the slightest graphics optimization on PS5, it would be rather logical to see an improved version incorporating The Last of Us Online be released in the coming months on PlayStation 5. As always, we will share with you. will keep abreast of any new information!

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