The Last of Us Part 2: the exclusive PS4 at the best price

Score: 19/20

Playing from start to finish with our emotions, this suite constantly oscillates between a waking dream, where the tenderness of an exchange frozen forever in a distant past will suffice to move us, and the brutality of the present time inseparable from a way of the cross moved. by a relentless feeling of revenge. Making the unpredictable a norm, bursting with creativity through moments of delicacy, this sequel surprises and will make us think about the consequence of our actions while abusing us emotionally. Having refined its gameplay, now much more immersive, this Part II stands out as a fabulous action / infiltration title but also and above all as a story, sometimes getting lost in a few narrative stretches and other superfluous scenes but never deviating from its guideline dedicated to offering her characters a conclusion, whether she is happy or not. Like all creations bearing the mark of their authors, The Last of Us Part II will provoke debates and reactions, which, like its protagonists, remains terribly human. Whether we like it or not, there remains here a major work that will haunt us several days after finishing it and that we will now evoke as the new example to follow in its field or more simply as a breathtaking, heartbreaking and magnificent story to that time.

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