The Last of Us Part I: a disappointing remake?

After numerous leaks, Naughty Dog has released a video detailing the improvements planned for The Last of Us Part I remake, which is due out on September 2 on PlayStation 5. But fans were disappointed by the announcements.

Not enough for many new features. The studio does not mention a gameplay redesign. For example, it will not be possible to crawl or dodge, as in The Last of Us Part II. However, Naughty Dog has worked on the artificial intelligence of the enemies, which is already taken.

Graphically, a game that has gone through its first life on PlayStation 3, then on PlayStation 4 will benefit from richer environments, with more advanced physics controls (allowing you to see bullets ricochet or decor break).

Two modes, “Permanent Death” and “Speed ​​Up”, round out the remake. But will that be enough to make players want to try the adventure for a second or even third time? Answer in September…

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