The Last of Us Part I introduces video accessibility options

The release of The Last of Us Part I is getting closer, and Sony will need to praise the remake’s virtues next week in order to convince the public and make them forget about the PS5 price increase. By showing us the game’s launch trailer, Naughty Dog will once again take advantage of Gamescom to introduce the accessibility options now required for big titles made at PlayStation Studios (and that’s a good thing).

Lots of new accessibility features

The Last of Us Part I will bring visual novelties and more comfort to the gameplay, but the game will also be updated in terms of its accessibility options. The Last of Us Part II did a great job on this side, and the studio wanted to reproduce this work in a remake.

Matthew Gallant, director of the game, talks about the news on this topic:

“The main innovation in terms of accessibility is the addition of audio descriptions for videos. We worked with Descriptive Video Works, a company that specializes in TV shows, movies, and video game trailers, to integrate audio descriptions into videos for all languages ​​offered. Another feature we’ve added (which was just a prototype at first, but proved particularly popular during testing) is dialogue transcription using the DualSense PS5 controller’s haptic feedback. This allows deaf or hard of hearing players, in addition to subtitles, to feel the intention of the line, its intensity. »

You can find all the options featured on the PlayStation Blog. Once again, we welcome the initiative and hope that all studios that have the funds will follow our example.

The Last of Us Part I will be released on September 2 on PlayStation 5 and later on PC.

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