The Last of Us Part I: Naughty Dog details the features and new gameplay of the remake in a video

Last month, and despite a leak just hours before, Naughty Dog announced during Summer Game Fest Live The Last of Us Part I, a remake of the 2013 game released on PS3 and already remastered next year on PS4. So this time it is on PS5 that in a few weeks it will be possible to relive the adventure of Ellie and Joel, the game will go gold, in particular with redesigned models that will correspond to its sequel The Last of Us Part II. The gameplay should also be modernized, but the leaked videos of the last days have somewhat cooled the ardor of the players, since nothing has changed on this side. Perhaps that’s why Sony Interactive Entertainment and the studio released a long ten-minute video to accurately represent the game’s features and gameplay…

Neil Druckmann, Game Director Matthew Gallant, and Creative Director/Screenwriter Sean Escaig take turns presenting their vision for The Last of Us Part I, all accompanied by a preview of the game on the PlayStation Blog. There’s no denying it, it’s in the public eye and for good reason, as it benefits from rendering in native 4K at 30fps or dynamic 4K with a goal of 60fps, in addition to being “rebuilt from the ground up” and Take advantage of new 3D models that best represent the performance of the actors, making the characters more convincing. Transitions between cutscenes and game phases are now invisible.

Beyond the simple visual aspect, the game can now display more physical objects, and this density allows for example bullets to ricochet on objects and the environment, causing them to break down for more realism. The AI ​​also benefits from this increase in resources to behave more authentically. So yes, there will be plenty of gameplay improvements even if the mechanics of Episode 2 aren’t on the way.

Otherwise, several game modes have been added, the first of which is permadeath, that is, the ultimate game if we die, and the second is for speeding up. Additional costumes will also be available to unlock for Joel and Ellie, obviously an improved photo mode will be included, and over 60 access options will allow as many people as possible to enjoy them, including adding an audio description. Finally, DualSense features (haptic feedback and adaptive triggers) and 3D audio will obviously be part of the ride.

If that convinces you, all you have to do is wait until September 2nd to (re-)discover The Last of Us Part I on PS5. The PC version will come later. On the other hand, its price could very well be a big drag, Amazon is currently offering it for pre-order with a slight reduction, which is 74.99 euros.

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