The Last of Us Part III – Naughty Dog won’t be announcing its next game anytime soon

For them.

Naughty Dog is clearly one of the most loved PlayStation Studios out there. I must say, this is not surprising when you have two of the most famous sagas from the PlayStation catalog with Uncharted and The Last of Us in your case … But today, when Last Part II has been completed for quite some time and that in the program “only” the multiplayer mode “Factions”, no announcements have yet been made about the next title that naughty dogs will fight over.

And, finally, only with the statement of the creative director, the players officially consolidate their hopes and desires. A very vague statement:

“I don’t know how much I want to reveal. Together with co-writer Hallie Gross, we’ve written the blueprint for a story that we don’t realize, but that I hope will one day see the light of day, and that explores a little bit what happens after The Last of Us Part. II. ”

Apparently unwilling to stop there, rumors have since confirmed that The Last of Us Part III is clearly in the works. But for the slightest official dose, you will have to gnaw a bone …

… and for a long time, according to a new statement from the creative director. As comic book interview, the latter clearly explained that from now on, patience will be the key to the good of studio teams. Already a victim of too early announcements in the past, Naughty Dog would choose to grow up to live a better life:

“You’re right, we announced Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Part 2 well in advance, but it actually caused some of the work-life balance issues we sometimes had in the studio. ”

“By postponing this announcement a bit, we could play with the schedule more and now we have a better understanding of how we approach production. So there’s our multiplayer project and another project that I won’t say anything about that goes beyond that and that we’re very happy with as well.”

It remains to be seen how far Sony will agree to delay the deadline. Because we should not hide our face if an early announcement (and they are 90% of the time in the industry) nevertheless remains a vector of public impatience. The kind of impatience that does a lot of harm in relation to the pressure that teams feel when it comes to following an overly optimistic schedule, but which also sells and feeds an ever-hungry stomach for new announcements…

Recall that, like many studios in the industry, Naughty Dog was also distinguished by the crunch culturewhich created awareness in the management of the studio. Let’s hope the right balance is found…

Suffice to say, The Last of Us Part III will likely have to wait a while. And that’s almost surprising given the emergence of the HBO series.

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