The Last of Us: The Perfect Adaptation

With an impeccable cast, solid storytelling, and fast-paced scenes as wild as they are on consoles, The Last of Us is about to become the benchmark for video game adaptations.

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Summer 2023. A pandemic has been raging for two decades now, when a mysterious fungal infection turns infected people into ugly, bloody creatures. But there is a ray of hope on the horizon. Her name is Ellie. Indeed, a 14-year-old girl may well hold the key to eradicating this evil (for reasons we obviously won’t reveal here).

So it’s up to Joel Miller, a former mercenary who lost his daughter 20 years ago, to lead Ellie through a devastated post-apocalyptic America to a group of militants capable of – or hopefully – creating a cure for these infections.

From console to screen

This plot is well known to anyone with a PlayStation console. Because the game that inspired the series became a cult hit shortly after its release 10 years ago. Do you have to experience this adventure with a controller in hand to appreciate the TV adaptation? No. Never. Just like fans of the video game saga will find their account.

Because The Last of Us, which starts Sunday night on Crave, strikes the perfect balance between the expectations of these two very different viewers. If its synopsis revolves around the same storytelling sources as the game it comes from, the series takes a lot of liberties to improve on the original script, all without distorting the original universe. The fine embroidery piece is thus the result of a close collaboration between Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin.

We also can’t get past the completely flawless casting we’re presented with today; The American actor of Chilean origin, Pedro Pascal, in addition to being the main character, perfectly embodies the image of Joel Miller. As for Bella Ramsey, if the physical resemblance is less striking, she was able to capture and then recreate the essence and energy so characteristic of the young Ellie. Hat !

►The Last of Us series starts Sunday night on Crave.

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