The latest update to the Windows Subsystem for Android brings many improvements

Microsoft is releasing a new incremental Windows Subsystem Update for Android. And the latest incremental update includes many new improvements to general input issues, app resizing, accessibility, networking, and more. This is the second incremental update to the Windows Subsystem for Android following the August Update released earlier this month. The new update is tagged with version number 2207.40000.8.0, read on to learn more about the new update.

Like the previous update, the new incremental update is limited to the Windows Insider channels in the US and Japan only. Moving on to the changes, the new update brings a new compatibility shim that allows apps to maintain their aspect ratio when resized, improves the experience for apps that use notifications instead of a progress bar, and compatibility shim support extends to the Windows Subsystem for Android. Settings.

Along with these changes, the update fixes app restart issues, improves accessibility settings, improves VPN handling, updates a security patch, and other reliability improvements. The update will also upgrade the Amazon Appstore to 60.09. Here’s the full list of changes in the new Windows Subsystem for Android update.

Windows Subsystem Update for Android (August 2022) – Changelog

  • A new compatibility wrapper that allows applications to maintain their aspect ratio when resized.
  • Accessibility improvements to the Windows Subsystem Settings app for Android.
  • New compatibility shims in the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app
  • Fixed problems with restarting applications
  • Apps that update toasts instead of using progress toasts perform better.
  • User Education Dialog for Game Management for Apps with Compatibility Segments enabled
  • Improvements in VPN management
  • Fixed scrollbar on Windows Subsystem Compatibility page for Android settings.
  • User crash data and system application crash data are now reported.
  • The “No Internet Access” toast notification has now been removed.
  • Android custom toast notifications are now displayed correctly
  • Amazon App Store 60.09 Update
  • Android security update
  • Enhanced Reliability

As I said earlier, the new update is available in the US and Japan for all Windows 11 Insider channels. Yes, you can update Windows to the latest version available in the Settings app.

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