The Lille start-up Mon Qualiticien wants to digitize the management of healthcare establishments

The Lille start-up Mon Qualiticien has developed management software for healthcare establishments. The objective is to digitize the services linked to the quality approach. “We want to outsource quality services in healthcare establishments, as legal services may have been a few years ago“, summarizes the CEO of the company, Simon Froment, interviewed by The Digital Factory.

Used by around 40 establishments

The solution was developed from 2016 in collaboration with four accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) located in Hauts-de-France. My Qualitician has been hosted since July 2019 in the Village by CA accelerator at EuraTechnologies.

Health establishments are regularly checked by the authorities. The software allows them to use the quality approach by setting up a work methodology, raising issues, installing action plans, etc.“explains Simon Froment. Today, My Qualitician is used by around forty establishments in France. “80% of our clients are Ehpad. We also work with the world of disability and childhood, he specifies. We do not yet have CHU among our customers but it should not be long“.

The software offers an electronic document management service, makes it possible to report unwanted events or even conduct satisfaction surveys with patients and their families. “We encourage staff to report as many adverse events as possible to trace the problems. For example, if a delivery is forgotten several times in a row, it is better for the establishment to change providers“, explains the CEO.

A corporate social network is integrated into the solution

A corporate social network is added to these services. This sort of intranet includes instant messaging, a shared agenda and an integration module for welcoming new employees. “It is our secret sauce that allows all employees to embark on the quality approach thanks to the circulation of information“, explains Simon Froment. The subscription to My Qualitician is monthly and is modulated according to the typology of the establishment and the number of accounts.”For an Ehpad, it’s around six euros per user per month“, he says.

The data shared on the software is hosted on the French servers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) which was certified as a health data host (HDS) in January 2019. “Previously, we were hosted by OVH“, says Simon Froment.

Simplifying procedures during the health crisis

The health crisis was very severe for the Ehpad. According to Simon Froment, My Qualitician made it possible to simplify certain procedures such as the conditions under which families could come to see their loved ones. “In the morning, the procedure to be followed was written on the software and staff could consult it on their computer, tablet or phone very easily.“He also says that satisfaction surveys have made it possible to have valuable feedback from families”to see how they lived the crisis and how they would like to be in interaction with the establishment“.

The start-up raised a million euros in January 2020 to recruit new people. There are now eleven working within My Qualitician. It aims for a turnover of 400,000 euros for 2021. But the projects do not stop there. The CEO tells us that he is in talks with groups that own several health facilities in different countries.


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