The Little Mermaid: An ancient “mermaid” flies to the aid of Halle Bailey.

Since the Little Mermaid trailer controversy broke out, there’s been a new voice in Halle Bailey’s defense.

Remember: a few days ago, Disney lifted the curtain on the first trailer for The Little Mermaid, the game version. Still very mysterious, this trailer nonetheless reveals a size image: actress Halle Bailey as Ariel. It was enough for the wind of hatred to stir up social networks. Plain racism, xenophobic criticism: Puritanism is obviously still in a difficult position. Fortunately, beautiful images have come to erase the horror of such attacks. Thus, we were able to discover young mixed-race girls who were touched by the thought that they finally had a heroine who looked like themselves. But this weekend another personality came to the rescue of Halle Bailey. This is Daryl Hannah, best known for playing the mermaid in Splash.

Little Mermaid victim of racism © Walt Disney Studios

The actress could not stand the insults poured out on social networks. Between the sirens we support each other. And Daryl Hanna, in turn, intends to let the net wind of tolerance!

The Little Mermaid: Invalid Argument

So Hanna spoke through her Twitter account, perhaps in a short and unambiguous message. “The little mermaid is black, I met her. Stop being racist, idiots,” you can read in his message. Indeed, many detractors accused Disney of hiring a racist actress for the hype. Others, more stupid, do not understand that the new Ariel is not “white” and that she wears locks. Words that are completely unacceptable in an age that constantly advocates the recognition of differences.

Luckily, Bailey has strong shoulders. This wind of unreasonable hatred does not seem to reach the actress. She is happy to receive messages of love from the African community, cheering for her courage in the face of controversy as futile as it is unacceptable. Already last year, when she announced her employment, the actress had to face numerous attacks. We thought the dispute was over, but it just started again. Whatever it is: Bailey prides himself on being able to interpret such an iconic role, bringing a new dimension to it.

Therefore, Bailey can count on the support of Daryl Hannah. At one time, the actress was subjected to nameless criticism for daring to show her body on the screen, so every era knows its “scandal”, but this time, it must be admitted, things have gone too far.

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Source: Screenrant

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